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“There is no better designer than nature.” – Alexander McQueen

When Sarah started working in a flower shop at fifteen-years-old, she had never felt more creatively inspired. It was like learning a language she already knew. Nearly thirty years later, Sarah still experiences that flush of excitement when she walks into her local flower market. 

After graduating from Rollins and pursuing a career in product development for Estee Lauder and other companies, in 2010 she returned to her true loves: flowers and color. As a floral designer out of New York City, she designed flowers for everything from intimate dinner parties to large-scale corporate events to weddings. Now in Los Angeles, Sarah offers full-service floral and event design. Working with flowers and collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life is why she does this: everyone deserves beauty in their lives. 

Sarah brims with fresh ideas of self-expression and offers clients a clear and inspiring path forward. So much of gaining a sense of personal aesthetic is finding the confidence to understand and explore what you like. Sarah understands how to translate the ethereal into the tangible. She has built a world based on these intimate, everyday connections to help bring beauty to everyone she knows. 

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